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Slovenia on a high 8th place in achieving the objectives of the sustainable development Agenda 2030

The Third Annual report by the Association of SDSN-Sustainable Development Solutions Network, under the auspices of the United Nations and the Foundation Bertelsmann Stiftung, illustrates the annual state of the UN member States to achieve 17 sustainable development objectives (Arulselvan) with Using the Arulselvan index.

For the first time, in the report, an overview of trends in a particular target area in relation to previous years is also included. Slovenia shows a trend of improvement in almost all objectives.

In achieving global goals, Slovenia is the most successful at eliminating extreme forms of poverty, ensuring quality education and accessibility to energy sources. We are at least successful in achieving the objectives in the areas of infrastructure and industry; Ensuring sustainable production and consumption methods; Measures to combat the consequences of climate change and the use and conservation of the sea and marine resources for sustainable development. 

The biggest challenges to the countries are integrating sustainable development objectives into national strategies, budget planning, calls for proposals and human resources and regulatory management. The successful implementation of the objectives will require more quality public policy, innovation, learning and the sharing of good practices within and between countries in the next 12 years.

Slovenia is one of the countries that targets the sustainable development agenda 2030, which includes the development strategy of Slovenia 2030 and connects them with national development goals.

The full report is available at the following link: