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Culture, Science and Education


In the light of its mission, the Embassy developes bilateral cooperation in the field of culture, science and education. In cooperation with competent institutions, the Embassy promotes cultural activity and creativity of Slovenian artists and strives for a higher profile for the Slovenian state in Serbia. 
Along with Slovenian institutions, the Embassy organizes specific cultural events and manifestations and tries to support hosting many diverse projects that strive to present Slovenia culturally abroad. Slovenian cultural associations in Serbia are an important aspect of cultural dynamics, participation, and contribute to the spread of Slovenian culture in Serbia.  
In addition to language, cultural and geographic proximity, the situation is a consequence of ties developed between both countries in the former Yugoslavia. Rich cultural exchange takes place between the two countries that is often conducted on the basis of indirect communication between authors outside of official channels. 
The Embassy itself does not have funds available to sponsor cultural cooperation between the two countries. The largest portion of such funds is available through public tenders on annual basis by the Ministry of Culture of Slovenia; only smaller part is available to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

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